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      2. Welcome to Hubei Artec Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. Website!
        Hubei Artec Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in Leihe Development Zone, Yicheng City, Hubei Province, covering an area of 288 acres with a factory area of 20000 square meters. The company mainly produces cosmetic additives and sugar chemical products, and is a major global manufacturer of cosmetic whitening additives.
        The company mainly produces carbohydrate intermediates and cosmetic additives by biotechnology and chemical synthesis, and many of our products?have been sold this industry first in the world.
        The company has committed to the research of cosmetic additives and carbohydrate chemistry, and strives to become the largest manufacturer of cosmetic additives by more innovations. The company now has a number of technologies for synthesis and extraction of cosmetic whitening additives, and built large-scale production lines for arbutin, alpha-arbutin, kojic acid dipalmitate, Vitamin C derivatives, sucrose octaacetate, etc.
        Contact us
        Manufacture Center│ Visiting / Administration
        Address: ?Lei Yan Development Zone, Yi Cheng City, Hubei Province Lei Yan Avenue? 441000
        Fax: +86-710-4362973-8601
        Contact: Ms Wang Email:sswang@artec.cc

        Sales & Marketing │ Business contact / Information
        Add:Building 11, Jinxiuhaoyuan, Daoan Rd., Yuliangzhou development zone, Xiangyang, Hubei 441000
        Tel:+86-710-3125319 3125180
        Fax: +86-710-3125310
        Email: sales@artec.cc

        R&D? Center │ Technical support
        Email: tech@artec.cc
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